For a Healthy Society and a Bright Future.

Corporate Concept

The corporate ideology of RBS is based on the development of products that protect people from the different varieties of stress prevalent in modern society, offering them vitality and health. To do this, RBS is focusing on the potential of thioredoxin. RBS promotes basic research through collaboration between the industrial, academic and government sectors, together with the Kyoto University Institute for Virus Research, Translatioal Research Center, Kyoto University Hospital and the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology. Based on the results of this research, the company is proceeding with the development of pharmaceuticals for medical applications, functional health foods and methods for measuring stress. Its forward-looking spirit as a venture corporation and the power that stems from collaboration between industry, academia and government enable RBS to develop products that protect people from stress. By alleviating as much as possible of the myriad stresses that abound in society, RBS is striving to contribute to health and vitality in daily life.

Message from the President

Redox Bioscience, Inc. (RBS), is a venture company aimed at drug discovery, based on the original findings of anti-stress thioredoxin (TRX) by Prof. Junji Yodoi (Institute for virus research, Kyoto University).

Preventive treatment for stress is one of the major social problems, Institute for Virus Research, Translational Research Center of Kyoto University Hospital explore, in collaboration with AIST (government, industry, and academia), TRX-based pharmaceuticals, functional food, and the development of in vitro diagnostics. Our corporate philosophy is to provide health and social care to the people and protect them from the stress of modern society.

Translational Research Center of Kyoto University is currently engaged in the project TRX to develop innovative drugs, especially in respiratory diseases. There are good results of safety testing in animals. Based on it, we are preparing to perform clinical trials.

The project of functional food with Bio-oriented Technology Research Advancement Institution (BRAIN) has been completed. Based on the results, we hope to provide a new functional food with a brand of "Kyodai" to the market this year. We are also looking forwards to cooperating with major manufacturers of medical diagnostics and instrumentation technology for the promotion of TRX antibody and ELISA kit. Furthermore, we have improved the prototype of a simple stress measurement device,As a bio-venture company, we are to develop a variety of products based on our advanced research and technology, leading RBS to not only a domestic but also a global company. For the facilitation of business opportunities we formed TBA/TRX Bio Alliance including TVC and other colleagues.

The wishes of RBS people believe that happiness leads to the relaxation of stress in the 21st century. We will provide you the health and happiness. Thanks to everyone for your continued support. Thank you very much for your support for our activities.

Junji Yodoi
Chief technical officer
Redox Bio Science, Inc.

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