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Development of Pharmaceuticals

Human thioredoxin is a stress-induced protein that functions as an antioxidant to combat stress. A research group led by Dr. Junji Yodoi has demonstrated that intraperitoneal administration of recombinant human thioredoxin (rhTRX) is able to alleviate interstitial pneumonia caused by the anticancer agent bleomycin, as well as acute pulmonary disorders accompanying cytokinemia. In addition, intravenous administration of rhTRX has been demonstrated to inhibit extravascular transudation of leukocytes to sites of inflammation and to inhibit ischemic reperfusion disorders of the lungs. Based on these results, RBS is working to develop rhTRX pharmaceuticals by conducting clinical studies (translational medicine) at Kyoto University Hospital targeting patients with acute respiratory distress syndrome and/acute lung injury.

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