Redox Bio Science Inc. (RBS) is a venture corporation that originated in Kyoto University. In concern with "Redox" as a key concept, our goal is to take the results of basic research on thioredoxin and develop these into new products in the spheres of medicine, food, and daily living in the strong collaboration with academia and government.

Based on the basic research of thioredoxin and other anti-stress proteins, RBS is developing pharmaceutical products to prevent and treat stress-associated disorders.

RBS is developing functional foods and other products that make use of thioredoxinÕs anti-stress properties to prevent and alleviate allergies, protect the mucosa, and act as an effective antioxidant.

RBS is developing technologies and kits for accurate and easy measurement of the degree of stress the body is under, by measuring the concentrations of thioredoxin in the blood and urine.

26th of Apr.,2017
”Corporate Data was updated.

24th of Aug.,2009
”Corporate Data was updated.

17th of Dec., 2007
”TRX Elisa kit exclusively sold through Wako Pure Chemical Industries .Inc. from 28th of November, 2007.

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”Corporate Data was updated.

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